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SOMOS is a catalyst for collaborative development that operates as an articulator of initiatives, an incubator of innovative programs, and a manager of social projects and public-private partnerships. SOMOS creates spaces for local organizations, community leaders, companies and/or public entities to have constructive interactions, express concerns, find solutions, and develop strategic plans. As an incubator, SOMOS enables the means and conditions for the creation of new organizations as well as the generation of new programs and projects that benefit the local community. As an administrator, SOMOS uses its skillsets to manage projects of community and national level importance.


Thanks to SOMOS' participation, the following was able to occur:

- 13 organizations in
- 1 alliance
- 1 strategic plan, prepared during
- 3 workshops
- 1 strategic communications video

The Alliance specified:

- 21 additional hours per week for the visit to the PNMB
- 1 bill 

SOMOS, on behalf of the Alliance of Organizations, completed:

- 3 public reports

 Thanks to the support of SOMOS in 2021, the ADIU managed to process:

- 902 park membership applications

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