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SOMOS was created to provide a trusted charitable vehicle for individuals, companies and impact investors, connect the dots between existing development projects and resources and create the tools needed when not available. Utilizing SOMOS’ strategic consulting, business development, professional services, funding platforms and matched-funds grants, local organizations, programs and projects can maximize their impact, effectiveness and efficiency while avoiding duplication, donor fatigue and cross-over. 

SOMOS means ‘We Are’ in Spanish. As an umbrella organization for many kinds of community and environmental development, ‘We Are’ is a way to reflect the SOMOS commitment to building resilience and sustainability for each and every person, place and project involved.

Who is SOMOS?

SOMOS is many individual projects and programs working together to make southern Costa Rica a better place for all.

Where does the money come from?

SOMOS receives donations and grants from residents, visitors, tourists, companies and various government and non-governmental agencies. The SOMOS 1% pledge made by local businesses includes matched contributions from their clients. In 2019, SOMOS will distribute approximately $40,000 of Donor Assisted Funds raised by our Washington, DC based partner, Amigos of Costa Rica.

Where does my money go?

As a donor to SOMOS your funds go to the projects you choose. All general donations are allocated to where they are needed most. To advise this process the SOMOS Investment Committee is made up of local residents, project leaders and former fund recipients. All SOMOS board members are volunteers. General and Administration represents 15% of the annual budget. An annual report including expenditures is made available each spring.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes! Funds donated online are processed by our partner Amigos of Costa Rica, who will issue a US tax receipt on completion (sorry, no Canadian tax receipts at this time). For more information please read Donating to SOMOS. If you have a Costa Rican business and need a receipt for deduction in CR, please contact us for deposit instructions.


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