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SOMOS provides a reliable and secure way to amplify your contributions towards community development and security. With your help we can double the funds we raise and make sure aid goes where it’s needed most.


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For +/- a dollar a day, you can make a significant difference in the health & development of our community. Simply click donate now and set up your secure, monthly recurring donation. Every quarter we'll send a report with updates & news from the field!


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SOMOS helps non-profit organizations create sustainable solutions for their programs and services.



Make a difference in your community by share your time, skills and life experience with local programs and people who need it!


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By supporting SOMOS you are contributing to disaster relief, community security, animal rescue, job creation, language and skills development, environmental preservation, youth-at-risk, water treatment and distribution, lifeguards, prevention of drug, violence and domestic abuse, women's rights, children's services and much more.


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