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SOMOS 1% Pledge -
Donation Amplification!

SOMOS provides a reliable and secure way to amplify your contributions towards community development and security. With your help we can double the funds we raise and make sure aid goes where it’s needed most.

If you have a favorite program you already support, giving through SOMOS provides you greater accountability, tax benefits and extensive opportunities for the program to receive back-office support, consulting services and matched-fund grants.

Every quarter we will send you a report with updates and news from the field!

How It Works: 
Step 1 - Choose an Amount

Choose an amount or percentage of each sale (service, package, tour, room, meal) that you will donate on behalf of your client. The most popular option is 1% of the total.

StEp 2 - Engage your clients

In a thank you letter, email or card, tell your clients about your pledge to community development and ask them to consider adding too or matching, the donation you made on their behalf. Include your custom link to make the donation online (SOMOS creates this for you!)

View this live example from our 1% Pledge partner Bodhi Surf + Yoga.

Step 3 - Send & Direct your funds

Submit your portion of the donations monthly and let us know if you want the money to go where it is needed most or, to particular programs or initiatives.

Join us and take the 1% Pledge today!
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WE Currently Support:

By supporting SOMOS you are contributing to disaster relief, community security, animal rescue, job creation, language and skills development, environmental preservation, youth-at-risk, water treatment and distribution, lifeguards, prevention of drug, violence and domestic abuse, women's rights, children's services and much more.


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