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Open Arms Foundation

Project Focus:
Human Rights & Equity

We have 2 major projects operating under the Open Arms Foundation to benefit our local community: OASIS Women's Center and Hands of Mercy. There are significant needs in our local communities that often go unnoticed and we are a link to those needs.

OASIS - Oasis Women's Center

Oasis is a non-profit community project dedicated to the welfare of local women and adolescent girls. Our mission is to empower women through vocational training programs that provide them with the necessary knowledge and skills to obtain: confidence to overcome economic limitations, better career opportunities and/or income by starting their own business and working from home. We also offer support groups and counseling to enhance personal development and bring healing and restoration from various types of suffering and abuse.

The following is a list of some of the vocational classes Oasis offers: English, sewing, cooking, bread baking, haircuts, beauty, nails, exercise, and arts and crafts.

Hands of Mercy

Hands of Mercy distributes food, clothing, medicines and other assistance to local families in financial crisis. Our objective is not only to provide immediate relief to these families, but also to work closely with them to improve their situation and become more financially independent.