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El Refugio Hogar Animal Costa Ballena

Project Focus:
Animal Welfare & Environment

Founded in early 2017, El Refugio Hogar Animal Costa Ballena (which means “The Refuge Animal Home of Costa Ballena”) is an animal rescue organization in the Costa Ballena region of southern Costa Rica.

El Refugio is a non-profit, no-kill animal rescue organization, run entirely by volunteers, including its board of directors. All money donated goes entirely to the ongoing welfare of the animals.

The goal of El Refugio is to improve the welfare of dogs and cats through rescue efforts, low-cost spay/neuter and vaccination clinics, education programs, and community outreach, with a focus of rescuing and rehabilitating homeless, abandoned, and injured dogs and cats.


El Refugio’s mission is to help homeless dogs and cats in Costa Ballena find loving forever homes, reduce the population of unwanted and ill cats and dogs by offering easy and cost effective access to spay/neuter surgeries and appropriate vaccines, and to provide free education to school children and the community at large to improve the overall welfare of animals in our area.

El Refugio’s mission includes six key goals:

1.   Rescue and rehabilitate dogs and cats in need.

2.   Care for the animals at the shelter and in foster homes until permanent adoptive homes can be found for them.

3.   Place dogs and cats in loving adoptive homes.

4.   Provide community support for low-income families with pet dogs and cats. This includes assistance with veterinary care and emergency help.

5.   Neuter/Spay as many dogs and cats as possible to fight the root problem of overpopulation.

6.   Present animal welfare education programs in Spanish to local school children.